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Sep. 2022 Shanghai International Furniture Production Equipment and Woodworking Machinery Exhibition

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On September 5th, ITTA Technology actively complied with the China theme of "accelerating digital transformation and upgrading traditional industries", participated the 2022 Shanghai International Furniture Production Equipment Exhibition. In current view of low digital production situation, ITTA Technology brings advanced workflow, better process planning and deep empowerment to leading enterprises, traditional production small and medium-sized companies in the soft furniture industry.


ITTA IR3000 intelligent leather scanner solves the problem of low efficiency of traditional leather inspection scanning with the help of trinity infrared camera. The exclusive ITTA Scan Sys leather scanning software makes it easier to identify defects and mark them with custom grades. A lot of visitors appreciated the advanced leather examination scanning method.

To adapt large size leather cutting, ITTA IC850DHC intelligent leather cutting machine comes with 3 meters width operating table and support 50 feet or more large size leather cutting. IC850DHC further improve the production efficiency with double cutting tool head and double cutting workspace hardware. Uninterrupted production by double conveyor operation platform and convenient for workers to lay and receiving materials. Superior productivity through higher hardware configurations and stable control systems.


ITTA Technology has in-depth discussion with customers in the soft furniture industry how to apply digital production technology to achieve high flexibility, excellent production efficiency by process planning in the process of digital transformation and cope with various challenges such as recruitment difficulties, mass production and personalized customization brought by economic downturn.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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