GPU Nesting Software

Based on the diverse styles and leather materials of soft furniture, as well as the characteristics of industry customization, a GPU exclusive layout algorithm has been specially developed.

ITTA GPU is a modular and scalable software and hardware package designed to be configured for any volume of production. From very small workshops,where there are just a few hides to be cut every day, up to large factories,with thousands of hides to be cut daily. ITTA GPU is also suitable for any type of production, being adaptable to manufacturing of highly customized or series products.This flexibility is due to the ability of ITTA to manage any kind of workflow, from the traditional In-Line to the Off-Line Advanced workflow.

By utilizing mature multi leather mixed layout and adaptive layout strategies, the comprehensive leather utilization rate has been increased by 5% -15%。This patented algorithm keeps ITTA's leather layout utilization at the forefront of the industry and has unlimited scalability.

GPU Technology

The Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) technology was initially applied in the esports gaming industry with complex 3D graphics. Over the years, the advancement of this technology has shifted its original purpose to other applications and industries. For example: autonomous driving, deep learning, robot vision, finance, physical simulators, etc.

Comparison of the main advantages of GPU technology for using traditional CPU

The highly parallelized architecture of GPU (with thousands of cores and only a few dozen CPU) provides powerful computing power. According to different applications, GPU algorithms have several times higher computational speed than CPU algorithms.

The application of GPU technology in the field of leather nesting

Realizing the significant importance of GPU technology for mixed layout of multiple leather materials, the ITTA team has embarked on the path of GPU application in the leather cutting industry.
In 2018, ITTANesting for the automotive industry was officially put into use, with a 2-3% increase in layout utilization compared to standard CPU solutions. GPU has increased computing speed by 10 to 20 times, and the technology has been successfully transformed into leather savings.In 2019, the ITTA GPU layout scheme used in the furniture industry also benefited the entire soft furniture industry greatly.

Multi-leather mixed typography

The mixed nesting of multiple leathers not only considers the arrangement and combination of the pieces, but also takes into account the nesting combination of leather, finds the optimal nesting strategy, reduces the scraps, and the leather utilization rate is higher.

24/7 Nesting

Offline nesting can be typeset 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the combination of millions of nesting can be optimized. Create a new production mode of nesting at night and cutting during the day.

Strategic typography solutions

According to the product process requirements, the differentiation of different leathers, the diversity of styles and other factors automatically adjust the nesting strategy, and the nesting results are 1~5% higher than that of a skilled hand of about 6 years.


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