ITTANesting softwareIt is an efficient and intelligent typesetting tool, which is specially developed for the typesetting design of leather, coil and other materials.
Easy to operate
ITTANestting software is user-friendly and easy to operate. Users only need to import material data and part requirements, and the software will automatically complete the nesting task without complex settings and adjustments.

The algorithm is advanced
ITTANestting software uses advanced CPU multi-core typesetting algorithms, which can complete complex typesetting tasks in a short time. It can realize automatic typesetting, super typesetting, single-piece typesetting and combination typesetting.

Reduce production costs
Whether it's complex and irregular leather or a standard rectangular coil, ITTANestting is able to automatically calculate the quality level of the piece and leather, so that the leather utilization rate can be maximized through the reasonable use of defects, and the customer can save a lot of money.


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