ITTACAD is a visual drawing software independently developed by Yida Technology, with rich drawing, drawing assistance, and industry specific functions.
Visual drawing function
ITTACAD can create basic graphic objects such as lines, circles, ellipses, torus polygons (regular polygons), spline curves, etc. in various ways; Provide drawing aids such as orthogonality, object snap, polar tracking, and snap tracking.

Auxiliary drawing function
The orthogonality function allows users to easily draw horizontal and vertical lines, object capture helps pick special points on geometric objects, and tracking function makes it easier to draw diagonal lines and locate points in different directions.

CAD editing function
ITTACAD has powerful editing capabilities that can move, copy, rotate, array, stretch, extend, trim, scale objects, and more.

One click redesign function
ITTACAD has added functions such as unified customization, scaling, scaling, and adding number teeth for cutting pieces to meet the needs of the luggage, sofa, clothing, and shoe industries.


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