ITTA Scan Sys2.0 is an intelligent leather scanning system created by the ITTA software team. It combines advanced image processing technology and leather analysis algorithms to achieve efficient and accurate scanning and analysis of leather. After years of technology accumulation and precipitation, ITTA Scan Sys2.0 has become the industry's leading leather identification and management tool.
ITTA Scan Sys 2.0 has a simple and intuitive user interface that is easy to use. Its core functions include leather contour recognition, leather defect identification, etc., which can accurately capture the details of leather. In addition, the software also supports custom defect symbols and defect level layering, which can support up to ten levels to meet the individual needs of different users. At the same time, the software also supports compatibility with most third-party typesetting software, which is convenient for users to carry out subsequent data processing and application.
ITTA Scan Sys2.0 has a wide range of applications in sofas, car seats, footwear production and other fields. It can help enterprises to achieve comprehensive control of leather, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. At the same time, the software's accurate analysis function also helps to improve product quality and enhance market competitiveness.


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