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March 2024 International Furniture (Guangzhou) Production Equipment and Accessories Exhibition

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Asia's largest and most comprehensive industry platform - China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair (CIFF) grand opening during March 28-31, 2024. This exhibition brings together the world's top enterprises, experts, advance technologies and services, providing a one-stop procurement platform for intelligent production, digital and intelligent transformation of furniture manufacturing.

As an international leading enterprise and top brand in the field of leather cutting, ITTA Technology has made an attractive appearance with GPU nesting algorithm and digital cutting products, as well as offline and online nesting workflow solutions.


GPU nesting algorithm is a software specially developed by ITTA Technology based on the soft furniture industrial status of low leather utilization and high waste rate. GPU nesting can achieve 5%-15% utilization rate improvement in continuous optimization.

In addition, ITTA Technology also fully demonstrated digital cutting solution from the data recording, forecasting, multiple dimensions decision-making for soft furniture enterprises to obtain data from all production process nodes and analyze its characteristics and relevance to get optimized results finally. Enterprise production management personnel can predict the whole production results or key links by establishing data models through existing historical data.


The offline nesting workflow and online nesting workflow solutions can adapt to different production scales and different production requirements of soft furniture for mass production. It can be customized for high-quality development of the home furnishing industry.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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