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ITTA IR3000 Leather Scanning Machine


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The whole set of orders with multiple sheets of leather is fully automatic and intelligent.



ITTA  intelligent scanning nesting machine

Key features:

Identify leather information (shape, contour, defects, area and other information of the leather) quickly read and GPU leather typesetting operation in the background.

The leather inspection process is very important in achieving efficient leather consumption while maintaining high quality of the products ITTA has developed ITTA Leather Scanning MachinelR3000. a new standard for precision, speed and ergonomics


Operation method1

  • Automatic identification of leather that has been marked with defects

  • Sufficient light ensures that defects on the leather can be identified

  • Automatic recognition of colors  

  • Defects are graded and automatically identified

Operation method2

  • Inspection and marking will be carried out on the machine using an infrared pen, and there will be no skin inspection marks on the leather

  • High-precision defect identification

  • Enables a combination of ergonomics and automation of the leather inspection process

  • The fuselage is designed for single operation with a secondary conveyor with automatic loading and unloading9 Equipped with infrared sensor and LED lights,it can be adjusted according to the light intensity and leather color, ensuring that the best conditions for inspecting leather are provided regardless of color and shape



Machine   dimension



15-30 PCS/HOUR

Hardware Configuration

Scanner , HD industrial camera, infrared, HD projector,

infrared pen,secondary conveyor ,display,lights


380V 1.5KW



If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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